Sign the petition to improve Kessels Rd

Sign the petition to improve Kessels Rd

The Player St Connection project improves the existing Macgregor St T-intersection by extending it through to Player St, creating a four way intersection on Kessels Rd.

The benefits of this project include:

Better traffic flow on Kessels Rd, with the removal of the Cremin St traffic lights

Improved access for the residents off Cremin St, with no restrictions on right turns

More space for vehicles on Kessels Rd reducing queuing across the Kessels/Logan intersection

Brisbane City Council has given funding to this project but the Palaszczuk Labor Government has not yet provided its share.

Better roads mean you spend less time in traffic and more time with your family.  That’s why I’m working to reduce congestion in our area.

Join my community campaign to get this important project started!

Plea for road fix


  • Geoff Woollams says:

    Exiting Cremin St on to Kessels Road continues to be problematical due to the blocking of the intersection by traffic on Kessels in both directions (and the reluctance of police to take any action at all, despite frequent complaints and requests by me), and right-hand turn access from Kessels into Cremin is denied during peak hours. The hongkongification of this suburb is now well under way with multiple high rise projects, no doubt providing some revenue to the government – so it is well and truly time for all relevant authorities to stop passing the buck, and collaborate to improve the road infrastructure in this area.

  • Garry Ford says:

    The Logan Kessels roads intersection should be made a tunnel ASAP for through traffic. Not just peak hours, but anytime of day traffic turning right from Logan to Kessels often blocks the intersection or run the red arrow as pedestrians start to cross, despite the delay in the timing to protect pedestrians from this. [The lights are set it appears so that northbound traffic is moving before the pedestrian lights change to “walk”.] Of course some pedestrians walking off as soon as they see the red light for turning cars rather than waiting. It is also a problem for cyclists using the intersection.
    It is a difficult intersection to fix.
    Perhaps a flyover could be constructed for right turning traffic going over Garden City car park. That would be needed if any tunnel built in future.

    A lot of that right turn traffic is going into Garden City so an off ramp down would be needed that could also feed into Macgregor Street. If the elevated roadway continued across Macgregor Street ti could merge with Kessels near the S.E. Freeway overpass.

    That exit from Garden City onto Kessels Road generally is a problem, so perhaps Kessels could be widened to include lanes specifically for it.

  • David Crevola says:

    I still think that we should remove all through traffic large trucks from Kessells and Mt Gravatt Capalaba Roads. either all of the industry in Archerfield and beyond should be relocated to Yamanto or beyond or create new access points to the arterial gateway from the areas of local industry. This will make life in this corridor much more bearable

  • The slow but congested east west traffic along Kessels Road not only causes delays to the North South traffic flows along Logan Road, due to traffic lights being programmed to favour east west traffic, but also because most of the Kessels Road traffic are comprised of slow-accelerating heavy transport vehicles and semi-trailers which have no place in commercial areas, and should be diverted to Industrial transport corridors. As a local business owner in the area, I’ve noticed that the slow moving trucks are constantly running red lights at the Kessels Road/Logan Road intersection, posing a real threat to pedestrians and other road users. The economic growth of small businesses in the Upper Mt Gravatt regional centre is severely hampered by traffic jams in Logan Road, discouraging customers from visiting the area and patronising local businesses.

  • Richard Koppenol says:

    Turn left anytime with caution sign at CREMIN St would keep traffic moving out of Cremin St. If they can trial it on Broadwater Road why not at Cremin St.????

  • katrine Hanna says:

    Many of us are frustrated by the current traffic situation but feel that regardless of what we say or what petitions are signed – nothing will be done about it. Most of my neighbours have sold up and left – that looks like the only solution 🙁

  • Leon Ng says:

    Lets not talk about how crazy and stupid the traffic in this whole area is, everyone is frustrated already. My experience is in the last 3-4 years, in average every 2 months, I almost got hit many times when turning left or right from Cremin st into Kessels rd, and also when turning right from Kessels rd into Cremin. The Cars from Kessels rd/Macgregor st intersection going straight towards Logan rd-Kessels Rd intersection just don’t see the traffic lights at Cremin, because they think the lights are for the Logan/Kessels intersection. Why is that? Because in such a short distance, there are 3 stupid sets of lights and they make people confused and don’t think they should stop at Cremin traffic lights. I wonder why it takes the government forever to fix this issue that makes the locals so sick.

  • David Stubbs says:

    I urge the government to find the funding for the Player Street intersection. There are multiple issues with the current situation, access to new developments, drop off and collection of students from UMG State School. Illegal parking and so on.

  • TJ says:

    There’s so much happening in the area now, Garden City keeps getting bigger, many new large business and apartment buildings, more and more people coming in and out and around Kessels and Logan Roads. The government can’t keep approving buildings without road infrastructure – they Must do something.

  • David says:

    “I urge the government to find the funding for the Player Street intersection. There are multiple issues with the current situation, access to new developments, drop off and collection of students from UMG State School. Illegal parking and so on”

  • Belinda Watson says:

    I have lived in the estate bordered by Logan Rd, Kessels Rd, Klumpp Rd & the Pacific Motorway for 18 years. When you enter/exist the estate via Cremin Street you take your life in your hands because so many people run the set of lights eastbound on Kessels Rd at Cremin Street. They don’t seem to see them and are focused on the lights ahead at Logan Rd/Mt Gravatt Capalaba intersection. Twice in one week is scary and I’m not out on the roads that much! Changing the exit point will eliminate these set of lights and decrease the danger vehicles colliding.
    It would also allow for a greater queuing area between MacGregor Street & Logan/Kessels intersection so more cars can exit Garden City without queuing through the intersection at MacGregor Street and blocking traffic.

  • Clement Weerackody says:

    This whole neighbourhood is getting too congested with all the new developments that are being approved. It is causing many inconveniences and risks to safety when they are being built. We can expect significant congestion when these are occupied with vehicles of owners and their visitors. The infrastructure to accommodate this should have been done before approving these buildings. Player street development is a necessity to ease this congestion and ensure safety at least to a certain degree when developments happen in Cremin st and needs to be done soon. This extension should also take into account the buildings coming up close to Player street as well otherwise there will be bottlenecks there in the future. This extension was in the Upper Mt.Gravatt Corridor Plan and funds for planning the extension and construction could have been approved long time ago.

    The Cremin st/Kessels rd intersection poses many risks. I have been nearly hit a few times by cars going towards Logan Rd which again explains why the Payer street intersection needs to be done quickly. At present the “no right turn” during certain times is causing issues as residents who live in the area who were used to the right turn suddenly realise they cannot turn and try to get on back to the traffic flow to go down and do a “U” turn. It is risky and may cause an accident. Some vehicles seem to ignore this deliberately and turn when the arrow is still red.

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